Back-to-school tips for healthy teeth

The beginning of a new school year is round the corner and it’s usually a big transition for the kids…and even bigger for the parents! The lazy summer mornings come to an end and the hectic school routine resumes. It’s hard to get the kids in the habit of daily school life again, so here are a few tips to help them keep on top of their oral health this September and throughout the new school year.


1. Schedule a back-to-school check up

A few days before school starts, book an appointment with us for your little one, just to make sure all teeth are fine and so you have peace of mind knowing that your child’s teeth are fit for school. Kids should come and see us at least twice a year, as this is a time of great change in the mouth with losing baby teeth and getting their permanent ones. So the start of the school year is a great reminder.


2. Get them a mouth-guard

We know that the pre-school supply panic can hit days before September, with rushing to get their uniform, new pencil-case & books etc, but it’s also important to get them a mouth-guard. Mouth guards are shields that are placed over the teeth, to protect them when the kids play contact sports in P.E. Book an appointment with us, for a custom-made mouth-guard.

3. Breakfast

The most important meal of the day and a must-eat for the kids, as their brains need energy to concentrate throughout the school day. However in recent government research, it was found that many kids have half of their daily recommended sugar intake at breakfast alone! For a healthy start, swap the sugary, branded cereals, chocolate spreads & sugary juices for more nutritious foods like porridge.

4. Brush before breakfast

A common debate amongst people – brush before or after breakfast?! Brushing your teeth straight after breakfast can damage the enamel and weaken it, as you’re brushing the acid into the enamel. Therefore get the kids to brush before breakfast and then drink a glass of water after eating to help wash away the acids.

5. After school snacks

Tired, hungry kids after school want snacks. Ditch the chocolate bars and crisps for some fruit and cheese string, which are great for their little pearly whites.