FEE GUIDE We accept most credit cards, and cash as methods of payment. Patients are asked to pay for their treatment as they receive it, with a 50% deposit being required for lab orientated items at the preparation visit. Please refer to these prices as a guide only. Written estimates of treatment costs will be routinely provided.

Please note - We require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice. Patients who fail to do so or fail to attend may be subject to the full appointment fee - Thank you!

FEE GUIDE - January 2020

Emergency Appointment (Existing patient*)£45
Emergency Appointment (New patient)£65
Examination* (including full mouth screening and x-rays)£45
New patient examination (including full mouth screening and x-rays)£65
Scale and polish with Hygienist£55
Scale and polish with hygienist (Under 18)£35
Airflow with Hygienist£75
Airflow with Hygienist (Under 18)£55
Periodontal treatment with Hygienist£75
White FillingFrom £120
Amalgam (silver) fillingFrom £95
Bonding (composite build up)From £150
Bonded (layered) Crown/BridgeFrom £550 (per unit)
Zirconia (ceramic) Crown/Bridge/VeneerFrom £650 (per unit)
Emax (ceramic) Crown/Bridge/VeneerFrom £750 (per unit)
Maryland BridgeFrom £850
Single tooth immediate dentureFrom £395
Acrylic relineFrom £120
Addition to a denture (per tooth)From £95
Acrylic DentureFrom £750 (per unit)
Flexi Denture (single arch)From £950
Metal denture (single arch)From £1200
Metal-free denture (single arch) No impressions needed!From £1500
Nightguard/MouthguardFrom £150
Michigan splintFrom £600
Tooth ExtractionFrom £150
Re-cement CrownFrom £650 (per unit)
Full mouth digital scan£50
Boutique Whitening£300
Enlighten Whitening£600
Top up whitening gel£30 - £50 (per tube)
*Patients who have been seen within 2 years.
Straightening Teeth 
Invisalign (Clear removable Brace)From £2800
Six months smiles (Tooth coloured fixed brace)From £2500
Vivera (Invisalign) retainersFrom £300
Essix retainersFrom £150
Fixed wire retainerFrom £95
Root Canal Treatment
Incisors/caninesFrom £420
PremolarsFrom £500
MolarsFrom £630
Tooth investigation/restorability assessment£100
For all Root canal assessments treatment please ask to book with Dr Konstantinos Papaefthymiou
Tooth Replacement
Multiple implants +/- denture/bridgeTo be discussed after full assessment
Single tooth implant and crownfrom £2250
Internal sinus lift
To be discussed after full assessment
Bone graft
To be discussed after full assessment
For all dental implant assessments treatment please ask to book with Dr Victor Gehani
Private Aesthetic Consultation 
Skin Wrinkle/Line Injections
One AreaFrom £180
Two AreasFrom £250
Three AreasFrom £295
Neck lift
From £300
Eyebrow lift
From £330
Hyperhydrosis (Anti-sweating) - Upper lipFrom £180
Hyperhydrosis (Anti-sweating) - ForeheadFrom £200
Hyperhydrosis (Anti-sweating) - PalmsFrom £250
Hyperhydrosis (Anti-sweating) - ArmpitsFrom £400
Facial slimming
From £300
Migraine relief
From £300
Facial Dermal Filler Injections For Lines/Wrinkles
One area
From £300
Two areas
From £400
Cheek enhancement
From £350
Lip enhancement
From £300
Non-Surgical nose enhancement
From £300
Ear And Earlobe Rejuvenation
From £250

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