Cosmetic contouring

This treatment is often known as contouring of teeth. Tooth reshaping involves careful adjustment to your teeth to create better shapes and sizes to enhance your smile. Tooth reshaping can either be done alone, or in conjunction with porcelain veneers to correct other teeth shapes.

Tooth reshaping is where we contour / file a tooth into a slightly better shape to make it look better. The tips of your teeth can often be a little out of shape, or one tooth is a little longer than another, and filing the tip slightly, can improve the appearance of your tooth, and in some cases – the whole look of your smile.

Tooth contouring is commonly used when the upper teeth have been veneered, and you want to improve the appearance of the lower teeth without having to veneer them. Often your lower teeth can be a little bit crooked, and filing the tips of them along the biting edge can give them the illusion of them being straighter.