Digital Scanner

Digital Scanner

Digital Scanner

Transforming Dentistry Today with the Intraoral Digital Scanner in London

We are very proud to introduce the Intraoral Digital Scanner at Hampden Dental Clinic, where we are committed to using the most advance dental technology, making treatment faster and more comfortable.

The Advantages For You!

Digital dentistry simply makes for better dental treatment:

More Accurate– Using advanced laser impression technology, dental reconstructions can be created quicker and be more precise than ever before.
Better Quality– Digital restorations use advanced materials free of metals, that along with the precision of digital scanning and natural looking design.
More Comfortable– No more impression trays, no more gooey putty, the digital scanning techniques allow for more accurate impressions to be made without making you feel uncomfortable. You can breathe and swallow normally.
Better Aesthetics– Digital teeth design allows for precise, teeth coloured restorations and more personalised treatment paths which allow for a natural looking, beautiful smile.

How Does it Work?

Carestream cs3600 is an advanced imaging system to allow for precise 3D impressions to be made without the need to bite into gooey material. The Wand will capture images of your mouth surfaces and gum tissue

Carestream cs3600 TimeLapse technology allows you to see a 3D model of your teeth, and gum tissue and their condition. Then we can decide the best treatment process for you.